Cross-University Courses FAQs

Which cross-university courses can I complete?

You can complete online courses from colleges and universities that are affiliated with our technology partner, 2U, Inc.

Will I receive credit for taking these classes?

No. Nursing@Simmons students are not eligible to receive credit for courses taken through the cross-university program.

How can I enroll in these classes?

You will enroll as a non-degree seeking student at the institution providing the course you are completing. Your Student Support Advisor will be able to tell you more about the enrollment process and guide you through the registration process.

I do not have my bachelor’s degree. Can I still complete cross-university courses?

Cross-university courses are offered to graduate students who hold a bachelor’s degree and are enrolled in the Nursing@Simmons MSN program. Students enrolled in the Nursing@Simmons RN to BSN program or RN to MSN program are not eligible to complete cross-university courses.

How do I pay for these classes?

You will be billed by the institution providing the course you are completing and at the institution’s current tuition rate. If you have questions about costs and billing, a Nursing@Simmons Student Support Advisor will be able to provide you with more information.

Can I apply my financial aid toward these courses?

No. Your Nursing@Simmons financial aid package may not be used to fund your cross-university courses.

What if the school’s term schedule is different than my Nursing@Simmons schedule?

You will attend courses on the schedule implemented by the institution providing the course you are completing.

How will the online learning experience be different?

The online learning experience will be very similar to your experience with Nursing@Simmons. These colleges and universities also partner with 2U, Inc., the technology company that provides our virtual campus. This means all classes will be live, online, and taught by university faculty. Like Nursing@Simmons, these institutions have also partnered with 2U to create their course content, so you will continue to benefit from immersive, dynamic, self-paced coursework.

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