MPA@UNC Cross-University Courses

The following courses are available from MPA@UNC, the online Master of Public Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government:

Managing Economic Development

No prerequisite
Emphasizes the practical application and implementation of various approaches to economic development. Students will apply tools/strategies by doing case studies and small group projects based on real-world scenarios faced by local practitioners.

Technology and Community Engagement

No prerequisite
Technology and Community Engagement provides background, tools, and practice for using technology to achieve community engagement in a variety of public service settings. This class is about understanding community engagement, about how to get people involved with, invested in, and informed about your organization, and learning how to identify, assess, and propose the tools that will help your organization use community engagement to further its mission.

Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting & Reporting

No prerequisite
Students in this course will learn the principles of accounting and financial reporting in governmental and nonprofit settings. They will hone skills for analyzing the financial condition, efficiency, and effectiveness of government agencies and programs.

Productivity Improvement in Local Government

No prerequisite
This course will review principal techniques used to improve productivity in local government and ways to overcome barriers to productivity improvement initiatives.

Navigating Nonprofit-Local Government Relationships in Organizations

No prerequisite
This course is designed for graduate students who are seeking professional positions in local government or nonprofits. The overall objectives are to exchange information about issues of mutual concern to both nonprofits and governments.

City and County Management

No prerequisite
This class will examine the particular nature of city and county management, including expectations, staff, peers, and contemporary issues.

Federal Policies and Institutions

No prerequisite
The motivations of public agency officials, interactions between bureaucracies and other political actors, and alternative strategies to control bureaucratic power and discretion in making, implementing, and evaluating public policies.

Grant Writing & Evaluation

No prerequisite
Students will hone their grant writing skills as they critique grant proposals, draft their own grant proposal, and learn about the role of program evaluation in grant writing and grant reporting.

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