Assisted Living Facilities

By the Numbers: Facts and Figures on Assisted Living

certified facilities in the United States

1.6 million
certified beds in the United States

Average number of beds per facility

Who Pays for Assisted-Living Facilities



Private payer

Who Owns Assisted-Living Facilities

For-profit corporations


Government agencies

Average Nursing Hours, Per Resident, Per Day

4.1 Actual

4.55 Minimum recommended

Source: Charlene Harrington, Helen Carrillo, Rachel Garfield, and Ellen Squires. “Nursing Facilities, Staffing, Residents and Facility Deficiencies, 2009 Through 2016,” Kaiser Family Foundation, April 3, 2018. Accessed April 19, 2018.

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes: What’s the Difference?

Nursing Homes

Long-term facilities that specialize in taking care of those with serious conditions that require around-the-clock care or companionship. Focused and dedicated medical attention makes nursing homes a preferred option for those recovering from strokes or heart attacks.

Assisted-Living Facilities

Provide support to residents who have issues related to aging. Residents are typically semi-independent and need assistance with just a few activities of daily living.

In Assisted Living:

Accommodations feature:

Residents are:

Staff includes:

Where to Start: Finding the Place You Can Call Home

Consult your primary care provider. A specialist like a Nurse Practitioner will provide expertise as you plan for the future.

Contact your local area agency on aging for advice and guides. Sites like can help.

Check out government ratings. On you can see ratings in health, staffing, and quality measures.

Visit facilities. Go during an activity and join in. Have a meal with the residents or stroll around the grounds.


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