Nurse Stories: My Defining Moment [E-BOOK]

“As a nurse, few experiences are more rewarding than a patient or a patient’s family expressing heartfelt gratitude for the difference you have made in their lives. Moments like these are simple yet meaningful reminders of the impact our job has on members of our community and, ultimately, the health of our country and beyond… These unique journeys are what make nursing so special and are often made up of defining moments that remain with nurses throughout their careers.”

– Dean Judy A. Beal, DNSc, RN, FNAP, FAAN

To discover more about nurse’s defining moments, we compiled an e-book of narratives from nurses in all walks of life. We’re thankful for the willingness of all of our contributors to share their journey, and hope you enjoy “Nurse Stories: My Defining Moment”.

Nurse Stories: My Defining Moment

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