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"Mad Men" Meets Pharma

Big Pharma’s "Mad Men" exploit lax government regulation to enrich themselves at the cost of society’s health. Their manufacturing, advertising, and sales practices have received considerable criticism, yet the industry’s financial ties to legislators have prevented significant reform and even spurred policy that favors Big Pharma over the public good. Consumers, especially those with a lower income, inevitably pay the price.

Multilingual Health Care

Navigating the elaborate health care system can be complicated enough, but for limited English proficient (LEP) patients, the challenges are especially difficult.

Atención médica multilingüe

Transitar por el elaborado sistema de atención médica puede ser bastante complicado, pero si usted es un paciente con dominio limitado del inglés limited English proficient, (LEP), los desafíos son aún más difíciles.

9 Responsibilities You Didn’t Know Nurses Had

I’ve been privileged to work with many incredible nurses who continually go the extra mile to provide excellent care to the patients and families they serve. In doing so, they attend to many responsibilities that most people don’t know nurses have.

The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms

In an effort to continue this conversation, Nursing@Simmons created the following infographic to explore how nursing uniforms have evolved since the 19th century.

End of Life Care: The Impact of Options and Costs

End-of-life care options fluctuate in cost, and research shows that understanding your options has a positive impact on time and care quality and decreases expenses.